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Dis-Ease vs Disease


Chiropractic deals with dis-ease -- which is a lack of control, lack of coordination, and lack of ability to adapt to your environment.

Medicine deals with disease -- which is diagnosing and treating symptoms and conditions.

Life is about adapting. That adaptation process is not always pleasant. Pain and symptoms are often a necessary part of adapting and sometimes you feel horrible. Ask any mother; you cannot experience the joy of children without the pain of childbirth. It is that simple. 

There are different levels of dis-ease. However, 100% dis-ease = DEATH! When you are subluxated, it causes cell death. With enough cell death, you get tissue death. With enough tissue death, you get organ death. If enough organ systems die, you die. Subluxations kill people and that is why I take care of people. It's what i do!


How does a Chiropractor do this?

  • I check for areas in your spine that are no longer protecting, but rather interfering with the nerves. And in case you haven't guessed it by now, those areas are called subluxations. (I am not going to bother you with a lot of technical jargon, but that is one word that you really need to know.)
  • When we find a subluxation, we apply a force called an adjustment at the right time and in the right direction which is best to help the body make a correction. When this is done, the body can then begin to regain control of the coordination of the cells, tissues, and organs responsible for the adaptation process we spoke about earlier and the functioning of what makes you, you!
  • Now, whether you have a pain or symptom or a condition or NOT (and incidentally, subluxations have no symptoms), your body will ALWAYS function better in all circumstances without subluxations interfering with your nerve supply.



Yours for true health,

Dr. Brian Sharp