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Quality Chiropractic at a Reasonable Fee

A quality chiropractic service at a reasonable fee. Just what does that mean? It means just what it says.


A quality chiropractic service:

I am your chiropractor. It's not my job to diagnose your disease, so don't ask me "what do you think I've got?", because I have no idea what you've got. It's not my job to treat your disease. If you want your disease treated, then please go see your MD, that's what he does. I'll give you a quality chiropractic service. I'll locate your subluxations, correct and restore the normal healthy nerve supply so that your body has the greatest potential for healing and true health.


... at a reasonable fee. Now what does that mean?

A reasonable fee:

How can I stand here and say that subluxations ultimately end up in death and you've got it, you're family has it, your neighbors have it, everyone's got it, but if you don't have $45 I won't fix it?! What's your life worth? $1 million, $5 million, $10 million, $50 million, $272 million per visit?! It's worth everything, isn't it?! Obviously you can't pay me what it is worth so there has to be some type of fee system that allows ALL people to receive quality chiropractic care. Something that will allow a husband, wife and 6 kids to get on regular chiropractic care. Correct what's wrong and keep it corrected through maintenance chiropractic care for the rest of their lives. Enabling everyone to live a long and healthy life. I think I've done that!


Introducing Chiropractic Memberships! For a flat monthly fee of $69 an individual can get all the care they need... forever. An entire family gets care for $129 per month. Now that doesn't matter if just 2 people come in or if the whole family of 10 comes in. So when I ask you to bring your family in, I'm not looking for money. I'm looking to save their lives. A flat monthly fee that is both reasonable and convenient. Now here's the kicker. There are rules to the fee system, there's rules for everything.

  1. Pay Regular: Monthly payments are taken via auto debit from either a credit/debit card (Visa or MasterCard) or a checking account on the same day each month.
  2. Be Regular: If I ask you to be here 3x/wk, I really mean be here 3x/wk. I don't mean if you get around to it. If you know anyone that's ever gone to a chiropractor and been dissatisfied, you ask them how long they went and how frequently they went and you'll see that's where the problem is. For instance I tell a patient to come in 3x/wk but he only comes in 1x/wk for 3 weeks and nothing happened. Well who lost here? I guess the chiropractor lost a patient. However, who really lost here was the man who didn't go back to chiropractic and walked around subluxated for the next 20 years until it killed him. That's who really lost. The key to success in chiropractic is regular care. Irregular care is totally, absolutely, irrevocably useless. To get a couple of taps to treat your backache is using me the way other people are using aspirin and Advil. If you just want to treat your backaches, stay home and take Advil; it's a whole lot cheaper. This is not a cost effective way to treat backaches. But it's a wonderful way to maintain life.
  3. Most Important: Please, please, please tell other people about chiropractic. There are millions of people who don't know what you now know. Whether you like it or not, you are your brother's keeper. You can save a life. The first person you tell is your spouse and your kids and get them under care. Then you go on from there. It could save a life so please, please, please help other people.



Yours for true health,

Dr. Brian Sharp