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What is ChiropracTIC??? - Part I - Intro

I find that most patients that come to my office don't know what chiropractors are or what we do. Most people have some vague idea that chiropractic is some kind of treatment for backache, stiff necks, headaches, and sore shoulders. While it's true that those things may or may not go away while under care, that is never an adequate reason to go to a chiropractor. What chiropractic is about is your life, your health, your ability to remain alive. It's about living longer and living better. Increasing the quality and quantity of life. That's why it's so important that I explain to you what it is I do and why. Because so many people are staying out of my office dying of ignorance. Chiropractic is about life, not about sickness and disease, not about feeling good or feeling bad. It's about your life and how long you'll live and how well you'll live.



Yours for true health,

Dr. Brian Sharp