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What is ChiropracTIC??? - Part II - Life Principle

Chiropractic is based upon what we call the Life Principle, or the Innate Principle. The Life Principle is one of the laws of the universe, just like the universal law we call gravity. How many times out of 100 will your cell phone fall when you drop it? 100% of the time, every day! The Life Principle is a natural law, just like the law of gravity. A lot of people talk about Chiropractic and they say... "I believe in chiropractors," or "I don't believe in chiropractors." Chiropractic doesn't happen to require your belief. I don't frankly care whether you believe in chiropractors or not. I do care that you understand chiropractic and understand what it's about. Chiropractic is based on natural laws that are immutable and unchangeable whether you agree with them or not. Just like the law of gravity. You may not agree that walking out of a 3rd story window is going to cause you to fall to the ground. However, whether you agree or not, you're going to fall and have a sudden and unpleasant stop at the ground floor. The Life Principle is based upon a similar kind of circumstance.



Yours for true health,

Dr. Brian Sharp