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What is ChiropracTIC??? - Part III - What is Life?


What is life exactly? Can you go down to the grocery store and buy 2 pounds of life and a pound of turkey? Can you take a pocketful of life home to your family and pass it out to your children? Of course not, it's not a tangible thing, not something we can hold in our hands. But, if we're ever going to understand what Chiropractic is about we musts first get some insight into what life is all about.


The best insight into what life is about comes from looking at the beginnings of life. In the beginning a male cell and a female cell come together within a mother. This forms the very first cell of a future human being. This first tiny cell which we can just barely see with a microscope is 100% LIFE! In other words, everything that this future human being is going to be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is contained within this first cell. Now all the billions and trillions of cells that will follow contain some part of this original cell because we are produced by divisions. When 1 cell is going to grow it divides in half. Each of those halves grow and they divide in half. Now those 4 cells grow and they divide in half. As they divide, and re-divide, and divide again they form a little clump of tissue within the mother. Quite often well before she's even aware that she's pregnant, before she went to the doctor & before she got the blood test, this very first tissue to lay down within the mother is a rudimentary brain - the first tissue formed! A little time passes after the brain is formed and then it starts sending out long, slender projections. These projections divide, and re-divide, and divide again. They actually divide and redivide 60-80 Billion times that we can count, and probably another 100 Billion times that we can't count because they become so small. These long projections and their various divisions are NERVES. So now we've formed the brain and the nerves... or the Nervous System - the system from which everything else is going to come.


A little time passes in the development process and at the end of each one of these 60-80 Billion nerve endings we start to see some small things that we technically call organelles. For now let's just call them buds, it's a little easier to understand that way; kind of like the buds on a rose bush. These buds will become future glands, organs, and tissues. Different buds will produce different kinds of tissues. So one bud can become an arm and a hand (now actually it takes 10-20,000 buds to make an arm and hand), another bud might become a liver, another becomes a heart, foot and leg, eyes and ears, gallbladder, kidney, anything and everything. So finally at a full term 9 months this has produced an entirely complete human being. Everything necessary to life is present and you have a newborn baby. Now this is important. This baby was produced from 100% Life generated up in the brain tissue and flowing over the nervous system. That's what created you, and that's what created your children. That's what will create your grandchildren. 100% Life generated from the brain, flowing over the nervous system, giving rise to a new person, a hypothetical new person. A person in which there is a condition where the anatomy (or the tissues) and the physiology (or the function) are as you all would expect it to be... NORMAL!


As you know most babies are born normally. Statistically, 99% of all children born are born genetically perfect. I want to talk about those that are born perfectly. Not to say chiropractic can't benefit those that aren't born perfectly, it can, but let's talk about the rule and not the exception to the rule. 100% Life generated by the brain flowing over the nervous system giving rise to a new human being who has a condition in which their tissues and their function is normal. This child is enjoying that thing that all of us are looking for. Not everyone is aware of it when they seek chiropractic care. Most people are looking for a more natural way to help with their pain. However, chiropractic is about something so much bigger than your pain. It's about your Life. It's about you, functioning normally in what I call True Health.



Yours for true health,

Dr. Brian Sharp