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What is ChiropracTIC??? - Part IV - True Health


True Health, what's that??? True Health is different than health. In America we've come to accept health as... "I'm feeling good today." Well let me ask you, have you ever known someone that felt well and still died suddenly? A 35 year old guy that was never sick a day in his life just keeled over one day and died. He just went to the doctor and had a complete physical. The doctor said he was in great health. What the doctor really means is that he had no signs or symptoms and that he felt well. Judging your health by how you feel is like jumping off a skyscraper and as you're passing by the windows saying "I'm ok so far." It's a fatal error. Now when chiropractors talk about health we mean something different. We don't mean "feel good" & we don't mean "feel bad". What we mean is.. BE GOOD. What we mean is that your body is working at peak efficiency, expressing it's fullest potential for Life. That's what health is all about. Health is the ability to adapt to your environment when your body's working right. Now sometimes you're really truly healthy and feel really bad. I'll give you an example. Say you and I go out to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. This place has one specialty that is amazing so we both get it. Unfortunately the chicken is bad, I mean REAL bad! In the morning you come over to visit me but I'm up in my bedroom cause I can't get out of bed. I've got double vision, I'm vomiting, diarrhea, weak in the knees, dehydrated, fever... I'm dying! So you laugh at me and say "Look at you, aren't you supposed to be so healthy? We ate the same food last night. I feel GREAT!" The difference is that 3 days from now you're gonna be dead because your body wasn't healthy enough to get rid of the toxins and the poisons that we ate. My body was so healthy that it efficiently got rid of the poisons we ate and kept me alive. It adapted to the circumstances. That's what health is all about. The ability to adapt to your environment. It's not feeling good, it's not feeling bad. It's just being good and working at peak efficiency.



Yours for true health,

Dr. Brian Sharp