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What is ChiropracTIC??? - Part V - The Spine


Let's go back to those buds we talked about earlier that produce the arms, hands, heart, liver, gallbladder, eyes, and every other gland, organ, and tissue in your body. These buds will also produce a series of 24 little rectangular bones that travel down the middle part of your back. These are now the spinal bones, or vertebrae. They surround, or encase, those long projections of nerves that we looked at before which we now call the spinal cord. Passing between these bones are those billions of divisions which we now call spinal nerves. I've added a picture of the spine below, so let's look at it now since most people don't even know what their spine looks like. It's made of of small moving bones that connect together in a way to allow you to move while also protecting the spinal cord and the spinal nerves. There are discs between the bones that not only give cushioning but also help you to bend and move. Now the spinal cord is comprised of those 60-80 Billion nerve fibers that run from the brain to everywhere in the body. Could it be that God was telling us something when He encased the most delicate structure of the body (nerve tissue) in the hardest part of our body (bone)? Do you think that He knows just how important this stuff is and that it needs the most protection of anything in the body? The branches that come off of the spinal cord are the spinal nerves. These are the nerves that go on to initially create and later to control the function of every single gland, organ, and tissue in your body. There is nothing that happens in your body that doesn't happen because of your brain, via this nervous network, telling it to happen. It's the reason your heart beats, your lungs expand and contract. It's how you are able to digest that food you just ate, breaking it down chemically overnight and then creating new heart tissue tomorrow morning, or new lung tissue, all out of the food you ate. It's MIRACULOUS! That's all happening under the perfect direction of the brain and the nervous system as long as you are functioning normally. The bottom line is that I want to keep your body working right, working the way it was designed to work. If your body is working right, then odds are you may see your MD a whole lot less. I don't see anything wrong with that, do you? And if that MD is any kind of a human being, he shouldn't see anything wrong with that either. However, if you of your symptoms is really life endangering, like a heart attack, then I think you should go right down to the hospital, to the ER, and get it taken care of. Don't come to my office with serious symptoms. Get yourself to the hospital. As soon as you've gotten your crisis therapy at the hospital and you are back to as normal as they can make you, once you are through the crisis of the heart attack you had better be back in a chiropractors office getting your spine checked. This way you can be as healthy as a man who had a heart attack can be. Because it's the ONLY healing there is. Your body functioning right, healing, replacing sick, dead & dying tissues with good, healthy, normal tissues. That's what healing is. And no man does that... but every man does that. Do you understand?!



Yours for true health,

Dr. Brian Sharp